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 These folks are some of the best kept secrets in UK horror

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Some of the best in UK dark fantasy role playing

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They've always been at the cutting edge of  horror rpging.

Swords and Stitchery Blog


Some guy on Oxford Street, London

Welcome to the new Gethsemane Games website, home of the independent tabletop games company "Gethsemane Games", makers of fine tabletop Role Playing Games and War Games.  Come in, have a look around, and if you like what you see, buy yourself a game.

Who We Are
Gethsemane Games is the trading name of Bryan F Irving, author and games designer, oh and his cat, Gethsemane - whom he named the company after (She sort of insisted!).  Sadly Gethsemane the cat passed away in September 2016. 
Our current team as of 7th December 2023 are;
Writing and game design:- B F Irving
Freelance writing;- M R McGowan
Freelance Art;- Jenni Saveall
Social Media Manager;- Jenni Saveall


Gethsemane Games began as a side project of Forever In Black, but in 2016 I split off so I could dedicate more time to developing the books and games that I was working on.  Since then, Gethsemane Games has been working flat out to bring you more games and supplements for your table and has been working alongside games club "Friendly Fire!" who help us playtest most of our material.

About Our Products

Our tabletop RPGs cover a wide range of genres, from Horror to Fantasy, Science Fiction and Post Apocalyptic Survival but all have something of a dark edge to them.  We recommend our games for mature players and suggest 14+ on most of our ranges or 16+ on the "Haunts and Horrors" range. 
We prefer our horror on the gothic, supernatural, side and this comes across in many of our products, but especially in "Haunts and Horrors" and  "Entropy Effect".

Bryan F Irving is the lead designer of our ranges but often works with other freelance writers and artists, in particular M R McGowan (Who co-authors the Haunt and Horrors range and will take the lead on some of the scenarios in that range) and Jenni Saveall (Who is lead artist on the "Pandora's Wake" and "Entropy Effect" range.


In addition to RPGs and Tabletop Wargames, Gethsemane Games also publishes the fiction of Bryan F Irving, which inspired many of our games and which is set in the worlds we bring to your tabletop.

Where to find us
Well, right here is a very good start, but you can also find us on Drivethrough RPG Lulu, Facebook and  Patreon.


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