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 These folks are some of the best kept secrets in UK horror

Dark Corners of Role Playing Blog


Some of the best in UK dark fantasy role playing

Swords and Stitchery Blog

They've always been at the cutting edge of  horror rpging.

Swords and Stitchery Blog


Some guy on Oxford Street, London

Episode 1 of "Pandora's AGE.  A live play RPG session using the Pandora's Wake" Setting by us with Green Ronin Publishing's excellent "Modern AGE" RPG rules.

With B F Irving GMing

You can see all episodes of the show on our Gethsemane Game Youtube Chanel.

New episodes added every Monday

Welcome to the new Gethsemane Games website, home of the independent tabletop games company "Gethsemane Games", makers of fine tabletop Role Playing Games and War Games.  Come in, have a look around, and if you like what you see, buy yourself a game.

Who We Are
Gethsemane Games is the trading name of Bryan F Irving, author and games designer, oh and his cat, Gethsemane - whom he named the company after (She sort of insisted!).  Sadly Gethsemane the cat passed away in September 2016. 
Writing and game design:- B F Irving
In addition to myself, I regularly work with two first-rate free-lancers
Freelance writing;- M R McGowan
Freelance Art;- Jenni Saveall


Gethsemane Games began as a side project of Forever In Black, but in 2016 I split off so I could dedicate more time to developing the books and games that I was working on.  Since then, Gethsemane Games has been working flat out to bring you more games and supplements for your table and has been working alongside games club "Friendly Fire!" who help us playtest most of our material.

About Our Products

Our tabletop RPGs cover a wide range of genres, from Horror to Fantasy, Science Fiction and Post Apocalyptic Survival but all have something of a dark edge to them.  We recommend our games for mature players and suggest 14+ on most of our ranges or 16+ on the "Haunts and Horrors" range. 
We prefer our horror on the gothic, supernatural, side and this comes across in many of our products, but especially in Haunts and Horrors and the forthcoming "Entropy Effect".

Bryan F Irving is the lead designer of our ranges but often works with other freelance writers and artists, in particular M R McGowan (Who co-authors the Haunt and Horrors range, and will take the lead on some of the scenarios in that range) and Jenni Saveall (Who is lead artist on the "Pandora's Wake" and "Entropy Effect" range.


In addition to RPGs and Tabletop Wargames, Gethsemane Games also publishes the fiction of Bryan F Irving, which inspired many of our games and which is set in the worlds we bring to your tabletop.

Where to find us
Well, right here is a very good start, but you can also find us on Drivethrough RPG and RPGnow as well as Wargames now, Lulu, Facebook and many of our products can also be found on Amazon.


Out Now!  AWB #3 The Dread Mansion

dread mansion cover.jpg

RRP  £5 or $7

Get yours for £3.75 or $5 at drivetrhurpg 

Dread Mansion Level 1 For A4 LAYOUT .JPG

Do you need an adventure to drop into your campaign?

Adventures Without Borders is a range of scenarios designed by Gethsemane Games to be used with any rules system.

Every NPC and Trap is rated for its relative threat level to make creating statistics for them in your chosen system quick and easy.

Each product in the range presents GMs with plot, adventure hooks, a detailed key with challenges for your PCs, a history and a full-colour map. Simply drop the adventure into your campaign and quickly create stat blocks for the creatures presented based on the threat level and you are good to go.


AWB #3 expands on the storey of Saragosa, a now long-dead mage first referenced in AWB #1.  


Although the Dread Mansion reveals much about Saragosa's younger life, the adventures can be played in any order or can be run as stand-alone adventures if you prefer.

AWB #3 takes the party to an abandoned, now haunted mansion and provides combat, mystery, puzzle-solving and a treasure hunt to provide a magnificent dark fantasy adventure.

"The Dread Mansion of Saragosa is a sprawling multi-floor manor house.  Filled with intrigue, puzzles and a foreboding atmosphere of menace. A truly enthralling adventure awaits your players as they delve through room after room, climbing the draughty towers and descending in the depths of the basements beneath. Follow the trail laid by Saragosa as you piece together his riddle and fight the varied denizens he left behind. From initial approach to heart-stopping conclusion this is the best map/adventure I've ever played.  Be prepared and don't come alone." - P Heaviside

Out Now!  The Entropy Effect RPG

entropy effect cover v2 BOOK COVER.jpg
Entropy Efect Warning Inset.JPG

Uncontrolled psychic energy, known colloquially among the reality repair teams as “Entropy” is bleeding into the very fabric of our reality. Alien creatures emit this wherever they pass, causing reality to bend away from normal parameters. Reality Repair Teams are tasked with repairing the damage and hunting down the deadly alien creatures in an attempt to hold our reality together. These teams consist of Entropy Stalkers, humanoid beings with skillsets engineered to maximise their efficiency.

Characters in the Entropy Effect are Entropy Stalkers, alien clones designed to pass for human and trained to seek out the weird, the unexplained and the unnatural and to contain it, repairing the damage before The Entropy Effect can rewrite out reality and change Terra forever.

The Entropy Effect is a game of weird science and half possibilities, an exploration of why sometimes reality is not as fixed as we believe. The Entropy Effect is set on present-day and near-future Earth.

The game includes the full ruleset, including character creation, psychic abilities, entropy entities and mutants, entropic artefacts, the astral plane and more. Also included are 4 pre-generated characters for fast play, and a starting adventure, 'Sharp Teeth Pretty Teeth'. Gethsemane Games uses a system based on 10 sided and percentile dice.

Out Now!  FoE The Fantasy Miniatures Game

FoE Cover in Burgundy.jpg

Fury of Elizium or FoE for short is a new fantasy tabletop miniatures game by Gethsemane Games.


Command Elf legions as they do battle with demonic forces. Lead your Goblin Horde in conquest of the lands of the Beast-men or mastermind the Beast-man fight back on the tabletop.


Designed to let you use any miniature lines you wish and in whichever scales you prefer from 6mm or 15mm up to 25, 28 or 32mm.


Based on a refined version of our Fury! rules, first seen n 'Pandora's Fury!'. It handles both large battles and small skirmishes equally well, integrating heroes and magic into the system in ways that can tilt the battle in your favour if used well but which will not be so overpowered as to win a large battle on their own.

Tactics can play a major roll in determining victory on the table top, with careful use of the formations and special abilities of your troop types allowing the smaller, weaker forces to be in with a fighting chance against numerically superior forces if commanded with skill and cunning.

A simple d10 based system that is quick to learn and pick up and is intuitive in play.

FoE! may be used with any fantasy world setting you wish but also comes with its own shared universe 'Elizium' which is also the setting of our 'Spelldancer' RPG.


With rules for creating your armies and character models, magic, campaign play (including developing the experience of your forces), sieges and war engines and much more!


Copies of this new and exciting miniatures game can be pre-ordered now and you will receive them when they are released. Choose from the options of receiving your game as a PDF or a Printed book+PDF.

“Cry, Havoc! And let slip the dragons, chimaera and demons of war!”


Pre-order backers will also receive additional content free of charge and can opt to be named it the credits.


Posted 27/05/2019

Gethsemane Games is sorry to announce there has been a delay in the production of our printed books for this (and other) games.  There have been some layout changes mandated by our printing service provider which made the original Am Let. layout obsolete and we have to re-do the whole layout.  since we are doing it anyway, we have decided to take the opportunity to correct a few of those determined typos that got past 2 proofreaders and 2 editors.  We are also going to be adding a little extra content and tweaking some of the stats for selected races based on feedback from the PDF customers.  NOTE: when this is doe all PDF customers will also be able to update to the new version PDF.

We are sorry for the delays but will try to keep you all updated.  In the meantime, if you don't have a copy of the game and would like to buy a PDF, please do, your PDFs will be upgraded free of charge when the new layout is done, simply log into the account with whichever seller you purchased the PDF form and re-download the PDF and you wil find it will upate - Its that simple!

Buy PDF from Gumroad Shop
Our Games

Our Fantasy RPG. Set on Elizium in the age of the Beast-men, "Spelldancer" plunges players into a rich fantasy setting peopled with beast men, spirits, undead, giants and monsters.

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Trouble at the Troubedours rest
Trouble at the Troubedours rest

An adventure for the Spelldancer Fantasy RPG. A dark and stormy night drives the PCs to seek shelter at a coacing in, but something is amiss. Where are all the other guests and what does the ghostly light in the woods foreshadow?

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Suffer Little Children
Suffer Little Children

An adventure for the "Haunts and Horrors" RPG and set in the late 19th century. What foul evil haunts the town of Enfield and bedevils the dreams of it's children? In this scenario the players must uncover the truth and put an end to the creature before it drives the children of Enfield mad. With mature themes and rated 16+ this adventure is not for the faint of heart.

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Our Fantasy RPG. Set on Elizium in the age of the Beast-men, "Spelldancer" plunges players into a rich fantasy setting peopled with beast men, spirits, undead, giants and monsters.

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